About us

Uniones Adhesivas as a group of bonding engineers that offers a complete and high quality portfolio of adhesives and sealants solutions in demanding industries like Appliances, Military, Lighting & LED, Automotive, Electronics, Transportation, Medical, Solar, Wind, Marine and other Industrial fields.

Our aim is to be a reliable expert and the “one stop shop”” for all the customer bonding needs in the South European Industrial market. We look after customer bonding needs from the first idea up to automatic applications.

Uniones Adhesivas® represents OTTO-CHEMIE® in Peninsula Iberica. We are exclusive channel partner for all the OTTO-CHEMIE products in the Industrial and specialized Construction markets.

We proudly distribute the Hi-Tech products and dispensing equipment from Hernon Manufacturing in the Southern Europe territory.

We are a close partner and distributor of Elantas® (a registered trade mark of the Altana group) products in Iberia.

We are the preferred 3M® partner for the aerospace market and other technical industrial segments.

We are exclusive Cyberbond® distributor in Peninsula Iberica: Superior Cyanoacrylates with numerous industrial certifications and specifications.

We have just  included in our range of solutions, and exclusively for the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa a range of  silicone based products from  Momentive Performance Materials ®, former General Electric, for markets like  electronics, automotive, aviation, aerospace, military, defense, composites, textiles, LED, Optical,  Mold Making and Replication in the arts sector, construction, reconstitured stone, industrial and Rapid prototyping.

Uniones adhesivas solutions are complemented with world leader Graco® dispensing equipments that we also distribute in Iberia.

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