Damos la bienvenida a Jesús Somoza

Hemos incorporado al proyecto Uniones Adhesivas a Jesús Somoza. Con esta incorporación damos un paso más hacia adelante en ser un proveedor global de adhesivos y equipos industriales en el sur de Europa. Te deseamos todos los éxitos del mundo.

Podéis consultar su CV en: es.linkedin.com/in/jesussomoza/es

Director of Sales and Marketing in B2B multinational environments in the Industrial sector.

– Over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and new business development of Adhesives, Sealants, specialty chemicals, Polymers, and Industrial Lubricants

– Strategic vision and development of new technologies and businesses.

– Creation, development and management of international sales teams.

– Fluent in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian.

– Molykote® Brand of Industrial Lubricants EMEA Commercial director

– Experienced in distribution management of specialty chemicals, and related equipment to dispense or transform them.

A likeable person with a bias for action, innovation and new business development , that always maintain appropriate focus on positive sales outcomes and is passionate about value selling.

Based in Spain and open for relocation, always looking for new challenges.

Adhesives and Sealants. Composites
Aroma chemicals and fragrance compounds.
Polymers: Silicones, Polyurethanes, Polyolefins ,special fluorinated polymers supplied both as intermediates or additives (fluids, polymers, resins, coatings, masterbatches, elastomers) or fully formulated products (sealants, adhesives, liquid, and solid rubber, foams, varnishes, coatings or molding compounds), CASE, Clays, Mineral and Inorganic fillers and additives, Nanotechnology based products.
Lubricants, greases, pastes, oils, compounds, anti friction coatings, additives

Knowledge of the following segments: Home care, fabric care, Construction, Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Mass Transit, Electrical, Industrial assembly and Maintenence, MRO, Wind, Solar, Molding, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Textile, Minning, Photocatalysis.

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