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The placing on the market of sealants for certain construction applications is regulated by the publication in December 2012 of DIN EN 15651, Sealants for non-structural use in joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways, parts 1–5, as well as Annex ZA, ‘Sections of this European standard relating to the provisions of the EU Construction Products Directive’. As of 1 July 2013, the basis for this is a regulation for laying down harmonised conditions for the marketing of construction products (305/2011 EU).

However, please note that the period of coexistence begins on 1 July 2013 and ends on 30 June 2014. During this period of time, it is possible to affix CE marking on sealants, but it is not yet mandatory. CE marking of sealants is only legally required after conclusion of the period of coexistence for products with areas of application as outlined in the first four parts of DIN EN 15651.

DIN EN 15651 part 1 – Sealants for facade elements
DIN EN 15651 part 2 – Sealants for glazing
DIN EN 15651 part 3 – Sealants for sanitary joints
DIN EN 15651 part 4 – Sealants for pedestrian walkways

We are currently in the preparation stage of creating declarations of performance for all relevant products. This includes tests carried out by an external testing institute whereby the primary properties of a sealant, based on its particular application, are determined (as outlined in parts 1–4 of DIN EN 15651).

After all the data has been collected, we will create a declaration of performance and will be able to affix the CE marking to the packaging (as outlined in the relevant sections of DIN EN 15651, parts 1–4; Annex ZA 3.2).

The corresponding CE marking is, of course, also added to the respective accompanying documents at this time (see DIN EN 15651, parts 1–4; Annex ZA 3.2). As things are now we will presumably comply to the obligation for CE-marking by attaching the declaration of performance to the shipping documents.

We would like to assure you that we will create a declaration of performance for all relevant sealants (that are affected by one of the parts of DIN EN 15651) and provide the relevant products with the corresponding CE marking no later than 1 July 2014. The annex to this letter includes a summary table with the breakdown of all standard products, showing which sealants are affected by DIN EN 15651 based on their application, and consequently also by CE marking, and which are not.


Download Summary table of OTTO-products regarding CE marking 

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